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Saturday 13 October The Signing Tree Conference Centre, Ladywood, Birmingham

Registration 9 - 9.30
Session pitching/planning 9.30 - 10
Sessions (1- 6) 10 - 10.45
Sessions (7 - 11) 11 - 11.45
Third sessions (12 - 17) 12 - 12.45
Sessions (18 - 23) 2 - 2.45
Sessions (24- 28) 3 - 3.45
Last sessions 4 - 4.30
Wrap up 4.30 - 5

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Library Camp 2012 is a place for anyone interested in modernising and transforming libraries of all kinds to ask, connect, consider, converse, convince, create, debate, deliberate, disagree, discover, discuss, dream, enjoy, examine, explore, invent, investigate, laugh, learn, listen, plan, plot, question, reflect, relax, share, talk, teach, theorise, think, wonder …and to eat cake!

Library Camp 2012 takes place on Saturday, 13 October 2012 from 09:00 to 17:00 at The Signing Tree Conference Centre, Birmingham. Eventbrite page.

Library Camp is an unconference, where participants decide on the programme at the beginning of the event, working on the principle that the sum of the knowledge, experience and expertise of the people in the room is likely to be greater than that of those on the stage at traditional conferences. Not been to an unconference before? Not sure what to expect? These articles will make it all a bit clearer...

  1. Andy Mabbett's (aka @pigsonthewing) Tips For Unconference Newbies: Link
  2. Advice for unconference participants by Jill Hurst-Wahl: Link
  3. Read about LibcampSW in an article by Claire Back and more by @CiaraEastell on the wiki and a great blog post from Rebecca Marshall - an unconference from a noob perspective
  4. Take a photo tour of last year's LibraryCamp
  5. Read some blog posts about LibraryCamp 2011

Law of two feet: If, during the course of the gathering, any person finds him or herself in any situation where they are neither learning nor contributing, they must use their two feet and go to some more productive place.

If you would like to help in any way - run a session, bake a cake, sponsorship etc, please get in touch.

  1. By email - librarycamp@yahoo.com
  2. Twitter - talk to us - we are @librarycamp
  3. We blog here librarycamp.co.uk

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