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Who's coming? What are your interests, skills, jobs?

I saw this idea on the ThatCamp website. Thought it might be useful if you wanted to meet people to ask about particular jobs, or get information/help on a particular issue. A skillswap really....
You're not obliged to add anything...let's see how it goes!

Richard Veevers @RichardVeevers. I've been working in public libraries for the past decade, though I still feel like the new kid, I'm a library asst and enjoy my job as much today as I did when I first started. I was invited to last years Library Camp after Jo McCausland heard about a talk I gave to the Lancashire Libraries annual conference.

@shedsue Sue Lawson I'm interested in the whole unconference thing. I like talking about libraries and Bob Dylan, social media. I can help with your Facebook pages. I'm a librarian, my job title is Service Development Coordinator, which doesn't mean much! What I do is look after the Manchester libraries website and manchesterzoom.com and a couple of others plus the library's social media accounts. I'm working on a library phone app and organising digital literacy classes in libraries across the city at the moment.

Rosie Hare @RosieHare My official job title is: Interlending and Document Delivery Assistant and I work at King's College London. If you strip all the fancy words away, I'm basically an Information Assistant dealing with Interlibrary loans. Originally from Teesside in the North East but I've been in London for just over a year now and in this job about 6 months. Hope to start distance learning for the MA in Library and Information Studies (eventually) although I'm not in too much of a hurry.

@bumsonseats Carolin Schneider. I'm a librarian and I've worked in public libraries, academic libraries, Borders books. I enjoy the whole unconference thing and love cake.

@cbderbylib Caroline Ball - I currently work in a split role at the University of Derby - half of my post is Subject Librarian for Law & Criminology, and the other half is University Copyright Advisor. I have previously worked in an FE college and a public library. I attended LibraryCamp last year so this is my second time around.

Jenny Jones @JennySarahJones - I've been a library assistant in the University of Bristol's Education Library for over ten years, I've previously worked in public libraries and in museums. I'm in my second year of an MSc in Information and Library Studies at Aber (part-time/distance) and am also a volunteer school librarian at my son's primary school library. I'm a born-again library obsessive really as the MSc has awakened the enthusiastic librarian within- I am very interested in school libraries, services for children and young people, literacy and most importantly getting librarians and library assistants from across the sectors talking and working together. This will be my third Library Camp- being a mum, a student, and working very part-time I can't afford to go to the usual conferences so Library Camp is vital for me. Here is my blog http://abookandahug.blogspot.co.uk

Andrew Preater @preater - at the 'big' 2011 Library Camp I said I was there to talk to the right people about cool stuff. For me that's technology in libraries and in particular new approaches to search and discovery, and how these affect information seeking and retrieval behaviour and their overall experience of library use and doing research. I'm very interested in any practical experience attendees have of Free Software (Open Source) systems in libraries. I am a systems librarian working in HE.

Simon Barron @SimonXIX - I'm the E-resources Co-ordinator at Durham University Library; I got my MA in Library and Information Management from Manchester Metropolitan University; earlier this year I won an SLA Europe Early Career Conference Award sponsored by the Science-Technology Division. I'm interested in new technology in libraries, ebooks and e-resource-y type stuff, cataloguing and cataloguing theory, openness in technology and publishing (Open Access, Open Source, open etc.), mind-numbingly involved discussions about philosophy, and strong coffee. I blog about stuff and footnotes and whatnot here.

PennyB @pennyb - I'm a graduate trainee at a post-1992 university, and I'm a thinker and a doer (not a passive absorber). I'm interested in: electronic resources of all kinds, institutional repositories, technologies for learning, usability, accessibility, distance learning, invisible disabilities, language, responsibility, democracy, transliteracy, metadata, all the stuff Simon says above apart from the bits about Philosophy that I don't get because my degree was in ICT, and above all connecting people with the information (in the right format for them) and skills they need to do what they want to do. I said in my job interview I think of myself as an information and communication technologist, I think that sums it up.

Lesley Firth @herslantfinely - I'm an Assistant Librarian in an NHS library and spend most of my days getting the right information to the right people. I love health librarianship and think its vital for evidence-based medicine. I went to Library Camp Leeds earlier this year (although I'm guessing that there'll be no Park Camp in Birmingham in October...). I'm also about to start my 2nd year at Sheffield on the MA Librarianship course.

Andrew Walsh @andywalsh999 - I'm an Academic Librarian & University Teaching Fellow at Huddersfield Uni. Also a National Teaching Fellow. Interested in Information Literacy, active learning, mobile learning / library type stuff, game based learning and more... easily bored and distracted by new stuff. Can't resist foraging / scrumping at this time of year - make lots of jam / chutney / pie fillings with the resulting goodies.

Joy @_joelfe Full-time public library assistant, part-time Library and Info Management MA student (3rd year MMU).
Good with children's work, early years, literacy (primary teaching in a previous life); design, marketing, making things easier for library users (propensity to say "Would it be better if..."). Interested in information literacy and how it is taught/learnt in schools and public libraries (forthcoming dissertation)
First time at a Library Camp (too much Saturday working) but experienced with cake so hoping for the best.

Liz Jolly @liz_jolly I work in a modern university library. I'm interested in the contribution of libraries to learning and research. This includes how technology can enhance the learning experience and research process and how we can work in partnership with our students and colleagues in our departments and across our organisations to enable students to develop as autonomous lifelong learners. It also includes the role of libraries and of higher education in creating a fairer and more just society. I've really enjoyed previous library camps and I'm looking forward to talking with, and learning from other attendees again.

Sarah Barker @sarahgb : Librarian in FE college, previously School Librarian. In charge of Desk Services which means I do anything and everything. Look after the LRCs social media accounts, including twitter account for basic literacy @tamingwords. Look after Digital Depot which is our lending of laptops, netbooks, ipads and kindles. Pet projects include staff reader development Book Club in a Bag and reading groups. Interests include usual library stuff, tech in libraries, basic skills, info lit. My degree is in Geology and Environmental Science. Come and talk to me about student behaviour, swearing, ipad apps, cats, needle felting (my new thing), running, Richard Dean Anderson and how difficult it is to get sugar free cakes.

Luke @l_os_cymru I am a Shambrarian working in Swansea University as part of the Web Team. I got involved with libraries (with a short hiatus for a PGCE in primary education for which I still bear the scars) on the back of a job in Waterstones and an interest in IT. My primary focus is on resource discovery and I have helped with the development of VuFind, the Open Source library resource portal and Xerxes, a front end to the Ex Libris Metalib federated search system. I am currently working on integrating archival data with our main catalogue and developing a number of internal web services. One day, I hope to be a Jedi or, failing that, Batman.

Siobhan Cottam @shibshabs I am a school librarian in Nottingham, started the job in July so I'm still learning! Just finished my dissertation for the MA Library and Info Management at MMU. Before that I worked in the Periodicals Acquisitions Group at the Uni of Nottingham. I'm interested in practical outcomes from Library Camp i.e. taking away ideas that I can use at work, and information for my future career. I'm one of the co-founders of @ManchesterNLPN, which we set up in an attempt to gain practical skills and improve our employability after completing the MA.Our next event is in November, featuring a certain @shedsue.

David Clover @davidclover keen allotment owner, learning to make chutneys, james, breads and cakes, in my day job I'm Head of Research Librarians in a London research focussed university library, as well as a subject specialist in Commonwealth Studies. Am a CILIP chartership mentor and revalidation candidate. Attended LibCamp Brunel and looking forward to first time at the big LibCamp. Interested in leadership; research support; engagement with students, researchers and the public; special collections; and critical thinking about libraries and library services.

Emma Illingworth @wigglesweets and occasional blogger librariansontheloose.wordpress.com I work as an Assistant Information Adviser at the University of Brighton supporting the teaching, learning and research of the School of Environment and Technology. I am interested in information literacy for everyone; in my community academics and researcher as well as the taught undergraduates and postgraduates. Widening participation and the transition to university is also an area of interest.
As well as being a librarian I volunteer for the Cinnamon Trust as a dog walker. I like eating sweets. I do running, Pilates and dancing. I have my Award Level 10 Trampolining badge and certificate. I'm looking forward to contributing to all that Library Camp has to offer.

Steph @SaintEvelin(http://saintevelin.blogspot.co.uk/). Worked for seven years as an assistant and dog's body in an academic library in Sheffield. Did my Librarianship MA in that city too. This is my fourth Library Camp, though a lot's changed in my life since the last one, not least the fact that I just recently moved to York where I am being an Academic Liaison Assistant (an 'assistant liaison librarian' in old money). In addition to matters liaison, I'm interested in archives and access, library design and use of space, and certain aspects of information retrieval. I'm of the belief that the library should be a repository and disseminator of knowledge and information for the benefit of all; I'm the sort of person who gets misty-eyed at old pictures of miners reading newspapers. I am also looking forward to lots and lots of lovely cake.

Kath Posner @isiskpisis-k blogspot started in LIS at the BBC in a bygone era when cutting and pasting actually involved scissors and glue, and emerged several years later, as a researcher (Panorama, Newsnight etc). Reinvented myself with an MA in Library & Information Management in 2010 and have since managed to get a couple of part-time Librarian posts in the strange world of Gentlemen's Clubs. Passionately interested in music and dance (having performed in - among other things - an Arabic pop group as both viola player and belly-dancer). Wife to a pop alchemist, mother to two Weird Sisters and complete conference/un-conference novice.

Linsey Chrisman @spoontragedy I have been working in public libraries for 4 years, about half of that time as a library assistant and half 'acting up', as my employer puts it, as a Children's Librarian. I came into libraries by accident rather than by design, but knew immediately that they were the place for me. Pre-library, my work history mainly consisted of waitressing and childcare - I had a brilliant time while in uni at St Andrews working for Fife Council after school clubs and have done quite a bit of work with children with learning disabilities. I have also done a Primary PGCE. I am nearing the dissertation element of my Msc in Information and Library Studies by distance learning with Aberystwyth University. I am interested in information literacy, customer service issues, reference/enquiry type stuff, and last but not least children's library services, particularly Rhymetime and other services for under 5s. I plan to do my dissertation on how we can evaluate under 5s services and work out what users and libraries are getting out of them and what makes them successful.

Sonja Kujansuu @Sonja_Kujansuu. I have been working as a Library Assistant at the Bodleian Law Library, University of Oxford for over two years. Before that, I worked as a Graduate Library Trainee at the Bodleian Bio- & Environmental Sciences Libraries for one year. I am currently working on a master's degree in Information and Library Studies at Aberystwyth University through part-time distance-learning and will soon be starting my dissertation. I have an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto where I also worked at four libraries part-time while studying full-time. I regularly attend CILIP events and conferences. This will be my fourth library camp and my second time leading a session. I am interested in developing my library skills in the following areas: serials, acquisitions, document deliveries, rare books, and preservation. In my spare time I am a gourmet chef who travels the world and is always planning my next adventure or recipe.

Sophie Rollason @sophierollason - I've just finished the MA in Library & Information Management at MMU, and by the time LibraryCamp rolls around I will have been working in my first professional post as Assistant Librarian in an NHS library for 3 whole weeks. This is my first unconference so I'm excited to see how they work and get involved

Abigail Heath @AbigailHeath1 - I'm a senior library assistant at Marjon University College(Plymouth) responsible for customer service. I am currently doing a MSc in Library and Information studies at Aber and early this year achieved ACILIP.

Laura Williams @theatregrad - I currently work in the archive/library department of a commerical television network, although I am also currently a job hunting librarian as my role will end this year. I'm interested in all sorts of things relating to media/audiovisual archives & libraries, workplace libraries/information services, knowledge management and also professional development/library qualifications. I'd like to use this library camp as a chance to learn about interesting things that I don't currently know very much about. Planning on starting Chartership sometime soon.

Anna Griffiths, I have been working as a learning centre manager at Wolverley CE Secondary School for a couple of years, where I manage a large team of, well just me actually. Before this I was with Sandwell libraries as a library assistant and have also briefly been a primary teacher as well as having numerous jobs in shops and pubs. I am studying my ILS MSc distance learning at Aber Uni and am planning to do my dissertation on the philosophical foundations of classification systems. Also I am leading a session on classification at Library Camp this year. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Anna Brynolf @brynolf I've been working in the Systems Team at LSBU Library since January. I moved to London a year ago and before that, I had a similar position at Malmo University Library in Sweden. In 2010, I co-hosted "BibCamp" which was a small unconference all in Swedish. I'm interested to see the similarities and differences in style and organisation between BibCamp and LibCamp. I like all the vegan cakes.

Frank Norman @franknorman I run the library at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research, in London, and have been there for a long while. I went to Library Camp 2011 and Libcamp Brunel earlier this year. I also go to the Science Online London meetings, which are good and a bit unconference-y. Interested in serials, open access, research data, science blogging and journalism, archives, institutional identity and history. I blog at http://occamstypewriter.org/trading-knowledge

Darren Taylor @chimp_infinity . Library Systems Manager at the University of Worcester. First timer a @librarycamp, it having been recommended by my better half, @allieblogging. Just had a busy Summer, having been working towards the opening of The Hiveand becoming a father for the third time. Off for a lie down now.

Gaz J Johnson @llordllama I used to be a librarian and latterly a library manager in Higher Education. I'm not any more having jumped out of the profession a month or so back and gone back to being a student (all be it as a PhD researcher), but I have a certain fondness for libraries and librarians that means I thought I'd pop up at LibCamp2012 all the same since I'm now on the other side of the issue desk. I'm interested in advocacy, open access, communication, new media and above all movie making - which is why I'll be looking for people to appear on camera and be interviewed by one of my...close personal friends. In my spare time I'm a blogging, gaming, film making, cooking, sarcastic, scifi loving, geek, author who's hoping to meet some sparky individuals to inspire me!

Ka-Ming Pang @agentk23 and one of the Founding Members of @uklibchat which runs hosts monthly twitter chats on LIS related topics. (We're hoping to host a live session on Careers during library camp!) Find out more about us at uklibchat.wordpress.com
I work in St George's Library and the Royal College of Nursing Library and I'm an occasional volunteer at the Vestry House Museum. My personal blog is inkdipped.wordpress.com which was started for CPD23 last year, though I fell at thing 4 or was it 5? It's library and art related ish. I also host #Libdimsum , a bimonthly event open for all event for librarians to network and eat delicious Chinese food. Due to my current role as Online Support Librarian,I want to know more about: e-resources, social media, mobile tech, web 2.0, web dev, web design, and working out what all those pesky Error messages mean! Oh and possibly embarking on Chartership. I am interested in eating all your cakes.

Sarah Pearson @sarah111well Originally I worked as a public librarian for most of the 80s, was a local government Information Officer, a temporary cataloguer and now I've been a school librarian for over 10 years. I am an unconference newbie and have little idea of what to expect … other than cake, which totally explains my attendance.

Emma Hughes @EmmaBettyHughes Information Officer at the National Heart Forum in London whilst also studying my MSc Information and Library studies at Aberystwyth. Have had a few library roles now, mainly in health and this is an area of interest to me as well as philosophy of language and information searching behaviour. I am a Library Camp newbie and look forward to seeing you all there!

Michelle Bond @libmichelle Part-time MA Librarianship student at Sheffield University and careers information assistant at a different university. Will be finishing my weekend library job the day after Library Camp so would like to learn as much as possible about different libraries! Library Camp newbie - was supposed to attend Lib Camp Leeds but had an unfortunate trampolining accident days before...

Ben Elwell @benelwell I'm a Shambrarian from Wolverhampton Uni - originally a systems person looking after the LMS, now mainly web-based stuff and authentication systems. I've spent most of the last year implementing Summon and OpenAthens LA/EZProxy and still occasionally wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night thinking about authentication problems. I'm attending for cake, new ideas and inspiration, tea, and cake.

Christina Harbour @tinalpool Since 2006 I have worked as a Academic Liaison Librarian at Writtle College (A partner of the University of Essex) managing resources for animal, equine, sport, agriculture and business subjects. Very shortly I will be moving over to Anglia Ruskin University (Chelmsford Campus) to take up the post of Subject Librarian for Business, Health & Education. I have previously worked for the NHS at FADE Library and I am interested in finding innovative ways of teaching, library marketing and using social media/networking in libraries.

Jenni Hughes @shinyjenni For the past seven years I've been a library assistant in the University of Bristol Education Library, where I glue books back together and wrangle serials. I'm currently working on the dissertation part of my MSc at UWE, on computer users in public libraries. I've never been to a Library Camp before!

Kelly Snape - I acquired my first library role aged eleven and wore my librarian badge on my school tie with immense pride. As a student, I got a temporary job in a school library and then gained experience in a specialist wildlife conservation library, before working as a careers information officer. More recently, I spent a year working in a public library in Essex, which I consider to be the most socially useful job I've ever held. Although I don't currently work in a library setting, I'm passionate about ensuring the future of public libraries and I'm looking forward to a day of inspiring ideas, interesting people and delicious cake.

Jenni Nock @juniperjungle (junipersjungle.com) I'm currently in my final year at Aberystwyth doing the BSc ILS course. I'm interested in school, children's and youth libraries and their role in developing reading for pleasure and information literacy skills. Looking forward to my second Library Camp - meeting lots more lovely like-minded people and of course some cake.

Michele Vassar @vassar14 I was a school librarian for 13 years but have been a prison librarian for the past 7, working first in Suffolk at HMP Highpoint / HMP Edmunds Hill and now with male young offenders aged 18-21 and adults in Dorset at HMP/YOI Portland. I'm secretary of the CILIP Prison Libraries Group and I'm interested in developing literacy skills and reading for pleasure with a group who are not known for their reading habits! I work in a sector where Internet access is very limited and social media non-existent and this is my first library camp.