Friday Night

CHANGE OF PLAN...Jyoti's was too small for 26 so Friday night meal now at MILANS Indian Restaurant

on the corner of Newhall Street and Lionel Street next to the Post Office Tower.
We went there last year. Food was good! We are booked in there for 7.30pm!

Before that some camper will be in The Wellington at 6.30

37 Bennett's Hill, Birmingham, West Midlands B2 5SN

Friday Night!

Coming to Birmingham on Friday?

Fancy a meet up?

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Jen Bakewell @BHamLibrarian has suggested a meal at Jyoti's Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Please tweet her, or email if you want to come.


Jen Bakewell @BhamLibrarian
Sue Lawson @ShedSue
Richard Veevers @RichardVeevers
Coral Musgrave @TravellingCoral (+1)
Carolin Schneider @BumsOnSeats (+1)
Alison Bond McNally @AEBMcn (+1)
Linsey Chrisman ‏@spoontragedy
Katherine Black @St_Cadbury
Luke O'Sullivan @L_OS_Cymru (+2?)
Sarah Barker @sarahgb
Sarah Nicholas @SarahNicholas
Claire Black @calire
Oliver Key
Anna Griffiths - coming but probably not eating
@Nikkidavey (+1)
Christina Harbour @tinalpool
Liza Moore? @Dis_Librarian
Ben Lee @BenYMLee
Gareth O.

@bhamlibrarian Plan is - meet at Jyoti's at 8pm* - it's a little out of the city centre so contact me if you want to travel together from New Street. We're going to be splitting the bill equally (I'm mentioning this now to avoid 'bill rage' at the end of the evening...) so bring cash/change/calculator. Oh, and your own booze if you're a drinker. Looking forward to seeing you all.

* Changed 5/10 - They couldn't fit a big group of us in until 8. Hope this is still OK for you all. We could meet in city centre earlier and have a drink first though... What do you think?

@shedsue - CURRY -> @bumsonseats: yes please!

@travellingcoral recommends for a veggie feast

@richardveevers happy to eat anywhere:) We'll need to book for a large group on a Friday night. Have we Birmingham based camper who'd take on the challenge?

@bhamlibrarian How about for CURRY and veggie/vegan feast? It's out of the city centre (a bus or train ride away) but I think it's one of the best places to eat in Brum. Warehouse is also good (but expensive) or there is also which does Nepalese food or the wonderful for Chinese - both of these are veggie and vegan friendly. I may regret saying this but... if there aren't any other Brum based campers I will make this so.

@aebmcn - Oooh, can I come? 'Jyotis' sounds fab, but I'm happy to go anywhere where I can explain that I love curry but am not great with chilli. I wonder if I could bring a non-library friend as well?

@theatregrad - I'll be in Birmingham Friday night. Gathering for food of any kind or drinks of any kind will do nicely!

@bhamlibrarian - Non library friends are welcome. Jyotis then? I'll get on that Twitter and find out who else is coming. I'm assuming everyone who has commented on here is up for it!